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  • NutriCool Ruminants

    During the hottest months of summer, a cow is exposed to unique metabolic challenges. NutriCool Ruminants combines all the nutritional additives a cow requires to maintain her gut integrity, rumen health and support her immunity in these challenging climatic conditions.

  • Glucolac 40 Plus

    A cow is faced with great metabolic challenges during the transition period. Especially the demand for glucose increases sharply once lactation starts. Glucolac 40 Plus is a source of glucogenic energy, enriched with the most important additives that help maintain liver health.

  • Greenline Dairy

    Greenline dairy has been especially designed to reduce the exposure of cows to (sub-)clinical acidosis and fluctuations of rumen pH.

  • Hendrix Concentrates for Ruminants

    Hendrix Concentrates for Ruminants complement locally available raw materials with those nutrients that are essential to achieve the desired performance in both dairy and beef systems. The concentrates are accompanied by custom-made mixing directions.

  • AO-mix

    Trouw AO-mix is an innovative, natural blend of polyphenols that supports natural protection against free radicals.

  • Maxcare Extra

    The supplementation of diets with vitamins and minerals is essential to achieve your operation's ambitious growth and production targets. Maxcare is a range of farm minerals packs that contain all macro and trace elements, and vitamins your herd requires. The range caters to different stages of growth, development and production. The premium range of Maxcare is enriched with additives suitable for the highest production targets.

  • Trouw Premixes

    Your production system may require tailor-made vitamin and mineral supplementation and usage of additives. Trouw premixes are formulated on a case-by-case basis to accommodate the circumstance unique to your system.

  • Fylax®

    Fylax® is a synergistic blend of organic acids and surfactants. Organic acids reduce moulds to maintain the nutrient value and prolong the shelf life of raw materials, compound animal feed and pet foods. The surfactants act to optimize the distribution of Fylax throughout the feed and increase its water binding capacity. This improves both, its anti-mould effect as well as feed mill efficiency.

  • Sprayfo Red

    Sprayfo red; for more economic rearing

  • Sprayfo Blue

    Sprayfo blue; for growth and proven results